Children and Youth


Insufficient Sleep in Adolescents H-60.930

Topic: Children and Youth Policy Subtopic: NA
Meeting Type: Annual Year Last Modified: 2016
Action: Appended Type: Health Policies
Council & Committees: Council on Science and Public Health

1. Our AMA identifies adolescent insufficient sleep and sleepiness as a public health issue and supports education about sleep health as a standard component of care for adolescent patients.

2. Our AMA: (a) encourages school districts to aim for the start of middle schools and high schools to be no earlier than 8:30 a.m., in order to allow adolescents time for adequate sleep; (b) encourages physicians, especially those who work closely with school districts, to become actively involved in the education of parents, school administrators, teachers, and other members of the community to stress the importance of sleep and consequences of sleep deprivation among adolescents, and to encourage school districts to structure school start times to accommodate the biologic sleep needs of adolescents; and (c) encourages continued research on the impact of sleep on adolescent health and academic performance.

Policy Timeline

Res. 503, A-10 Appended: CSAPH Rep. 06, A-16